The Transformation of Poppy King

Who is Poppy King? Oh please! I’m sure you know Poppy King!
Poppy Cybele King (born 23 May 1972) is an Australian entrepreneur. She is best known for her company Poppy Industries and the range of cosmetics available at Poppy Stores in Australia, during the 1990s. Unfortunately after expansion into the United States market her business took a tumble and went into liquidation. She returned to the fray with Lipstick Queen which is doing very well thank you! She lives in New York and wrote about her experiences in a book; “Lessons of a Lipstick Queen”, published by Atria Books in August 2008.
Now this icon of female entrepreneurism has been well-known for her equally iconic and consistent appearance. We’ve never seen her without in-your-face red lips, at least one leopard-print accessory, and her very blonde and luscious hair curled around her shoulders. Not any more! She has consciously embarked on a stunning transformation.
There may still be red lips (well, she is the Lipstick Queen) but where are the golden curls and animal skin print clothing? She said that the exact moment when she decided to change her appearance was when she saw Charlize Theron at the Oscars this year, with that cropped haircut, and wearing a stunning Dior gown. The look was deemed by Poppy to be so glamorous—but also so powerful. Poppy decided a change was required…
First she had her hair cut to bob length. Then she tried a longer punk-pixie look. But the bug to bob didn’t end there- once she’d started the transition it snowballed. She thought the look was fun, but there was more fun to be had; she went for a very short, boyish cut. Poppy said herself that the final cut was a little scary;
“Suddenly your face is in the forefront. And I have very strong features, so it was particularly intimidating not to have hair to hide behind.”
There was an initial fear when she embarked upon her snippety-snip journey that her hair might go weird of crazy when cut, and become more difficult to manage. But she needn’t have worried, Poppy can make little changes to her hair with equanimity- curls around the ears, increased height on top… It’s actually easier, she thinks, to make slight mood changes to her shorter hair than when it was shoulder length.
Adjustments needed to be experimented with before they settled down- during her punky-pixie stage she went too far with accessories; bangles, earrings, baubles, beads etc. She thought she looked like a Christmas tree and so abandoned her trademark earrings.
With more of her face on show, Poppy spends more time on make-up, with washes of aqua or purple around her eyes, all of which compliment her still-red lipstick. She feels somehow refreshed and released from the straightjacket of having longish curly hair and once being afraid to move away from that in case people thought she looked less feminine. Poppy is a real living example that being brave and taking the plunge in having your hair cut can produce dividends, and that you can maintain your character and personality regardless. Good on you Poppy!