Retrofit Technology For Caterpillar Forklift Repair In Dubai

Marine operation requires special precautionary measures for long lasting spare parts and hence we at Green Dessert provide service training for reducing the wear and tear service modules in your machinery. Our constant updates to our training modules to cover the latest technology makes it all easier for you to have peace of mind while your operations are completed automatically without any issues. Our product support staff have extensive knowledge and experience to assure you with fail-safe maintenance procedures as we are always committed to your success. Since we provide manuals with details illustrations makes it easier for understanding we have become pioneers in Caterpillar forklift repair in dubai.

Goth in Fashion: The Valkyrie Corset

As has been seen on the AW14 runways as we move from summer, the touch of Goth style in mainstream fashion is becoming more and more noticeable. In fact in some collections shown recently, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d attended a witches’ Sabbath! One of the great items of clothing that seems to make a comeback year after year is the corset. Once upon a time the corset was a required undergarment to restrict a woman’s waist and make her appear slimmer and more attractive to men. But those days are gone and now designers have the freedom to experiment and be more provocative with corsetry, such as can be found in the brand Valkyrie corsets.
Corsets has long been associated with toughness, tightness, and yet have more than a vestige of femininity- indeed the mythical Nordic women warriors known as Valkyries were tall, proud and powerfularmour-clad Amazonians who despite their war-like trends nevertheless exuded sexuality (and sexual dominance) that made them desirable to men. Nowadays the link between Goth style clothing and the Valkyries of old seems stronger. Instead of armoured corsets, we see on the runways corsets or leather and lace, matched with equally sexy gear and killer studded stilettos.
Geraldine Geoghan is the founder and designer of the Valkyrie brand. She is half Swedish and has spent a lot of time in Sweden and so felt drawn to the name.The Swedish half of her may also be the reason why her designs show such a precise attention to detail and mirror the flawless focus, delicacy, and innovation of which Sweden is famous for.
Geraldine launched Valkyrie Corsets after spending years crafting several for herself and her friends. Her quality and flair was recognised by a commercial store which now stock them permanently. However there is one facet of her business which makes her garments stand out from other companies that produce corsets and which harks back to her early years- the bespoke corset.
This is a painstaking but necessarily long process to ensure that the corset is just what the client wants, and fits perfectly. Geraldine, with near mathematical skill, first takes an oral conceptualization of an undergarment and then turns it into reality. Her customers sometimes have a fully-formed view of what they want in terms of style, colour, material, adornments etc, but with others it may be just a vague desire to have an individual exclusive corset of some type. Together they will work up a detailed model and then she will get to work. Natural fabrics such as silk will always be more breathable and comfortable, but as for the actual heart of the corset, Valkyrie corsets use a variety of materials; sprung steel bones and spiral steel bones. The spiral steels flex sideways so are used where the seams are not straight, often over the bust-line and are used to give solid structure to the corsets.
For the future Geraldine is planning to work with a colleague in designing a latex line of corsetry. Her friend will make beautiful liquid latex embossing which would give a new and exciting twist to her corset designs. We wish her well for the future!

The Transformation of Poppy King

Who is Poppy King? Oh please! I’m sure you know Poppy King!
Poppy Cybele King (born 23 May 1972) is an Australian entrepreneur. She is best known for her company Poppy Industries and the range of cosmetics available at Poppy Stores in Australia, during the 1990s. Unfortunately after expansion into the United States market her business took a tumble and went into liquidation. She returned to the fray with Lipstick Queen which is doing very well thank you! She lives in New York and wrote about her experiences in a book; “Lessons of a Lipstick Queen”, published by Atria Books in August 2008.
Now this icon of female entrepreneurism has been well-known for her equally iconic and consistent appearance. We’ve never seen her without in-your-face red lips, at least one leopard-print accessory, and her very blonde and luscious hair curled around her shoulders. Not any more! She has consciously embarked on a stunning transformation.
There may still be red lips (well, she is the Lipstick Queen) but where are the golden curls and animal skin print clothing? She said that the exact moment when she decided to change her appearance was when she saw Charlize Theron at the Oscars this year, with that cropped haircut, and wearing a stunning Dior gown. The look was deemed by Poppy to be so glamorous—but also so powerful. Poppy decided a change was required…
First she had her hair cut to bob length. Then she tried a longer punk-pixie look. But the bug to bob didn’t end there- once she’d started the transition it snowballed. She thought the look was fun, but there was more fun to be had; she went for a very short, boyish cut. Poppy said herself that the final cut was a little scary;
“Suddenly your face is in the forefront. And I have very strong features, so it was particularly intimidating not to have hair to hide behind.”
There was an initial fear when she embarked upon her snippety-snip journey that her hair might go weird of crazy when cut, and become more difficult to manage. But she needn’t have worried, Poppy can make little changes to her hair with equanimity- curls around the ears, increased height on top… It’s actually easier, she thinks, to make slight mood changes to her shorter hair than when it was shoulder length.
Adjustments needed to be experimented with before they settled down- during her punky-pixie stage she went too far with accessories; bangles, earrings, baubles, beads etc. She thought she looked like a Christmas tree and so abandoned her trademark earrings.
With more of her face on show, Poppy spends more time on make-up, with washes of aqua or purple around her eyes, all of which compliment her still-red lipstick. She feels somehow refreshed and released from the straightjacket of having longish curly hair and once being afraid to move away from that in case people thought she looked less feminine. Poppy is a real living example that being brave and taking the plunge in having your hair cut can produce dividends, and that you can maintain your character and personality regardless. Good on you Poppy!

Give Yourself a Work Clothing Check-up

Do you remember how you treated yourself to an A1 spit and polish on your first day at a new job? You spent ages in front of the mirror testing out your suit, shirt and tie combo to make sure you made a good impression on your new boss. As your first days at work turn into weeks and then months, it’s highly likely that you won’t revisit that special first day at work makeover. But you should. Not every day of course, but perhaps once a month. Don’t do it on a work day but on a weekend when you have time and aren’t stressed or rushing around.
First up, get your work shoes out and subject them to a real close inspection under a strong table lamp. Are the heels worn down? Is there a scuff there that can’t be hidden by shoe polish or cream? Are they still in fashion? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then throw the shoes away and go and buy a new pair. A quality pair that will reward you with long service.
Next up, shirts. Check all your shirts and throw out (or donate to a charity shop) any that are worn around the collar or cuffs. Also ant dark coloured shirts that have faded through a lot of washing or dry cleaning. There’s nothing worse than a tired faded black or brown shirt. It makes you looks lazy.
Then have a look at your tie collection. Many men, including me, are guilty of never wanting to throw any ties away. They may have been given to you as a present from a good friend, girlfriend or wife, but if the tie no longer hacks it in your present collection, let it go. If there’s a tie you particularly like, try it with different shirt combinations, you may be able to give it a renewed lease of life. If you want to get some new ties, be a bit more adventurous than going to Tie Rack and getting a standard issue plain silk tie. Try a nice knitted tie- that could make you stand out at the next Board Room meeting.
Many places of work now have “dress-down Fridays” or something similar. This may seem an opportunity for you to show that you have non-work clothes fashion sense, and can look good in casual gear as well as when booted and suited. My advice is don’t. Never. It’s a mistake. You want to present a professional and serious persona at work. If you let your hair down on a dress-down Friday, people will remember and the chances are you’ll lose a little respect from those around you, particularly the boss. He or she didn’t dress down did they? Nope- too much at stake.
Finally, get all your suits dry-cleaned. You can spot people at work who wear their suits for a full week at a time and come the end of the week, the creases have gone and the trousers look somehow baggy and lifeless.
So make a date with your wardrobe this weekend and cast a critical eye over your entire set of work clothes. You’ll feel a whole lot better as you go off to work on the Monday, believe me!

Celebrity-Inspired Make-Up Tips

Whether on the red carpet at a movie or theatre premiere, or on the runways in London, Paris Madrid or Tokyo, there’s no denying that our A List celebrities look awesome. It’s a combination of their clothes, demeanour and of course their make-up. But even if you never expect to be invited to walk a red carpet, there’s no reason why you too shouldn’t look as ace as your favourite celebrity, even if you’re only going to the mall shopping, to your local restaurant, or round to friends for a glass of wine and to watch a DVD.
Here are a clutch of tried and tested make-up tips that will have you looking and feeling great.
First, red lips. Yes, we know it’s a bit of a cliché but there’s no denying that a striking red lip gloss will show you that you have confidence and verve. Match it with something else red, such as red shoes, a red dress or a red necklace. There are so many lipsticks available that you’ll be spoilt for choicebut Dolce & Gabbana’s Classic Cream Lipstick in Fire is a good starter for that ravishing sexy pout.
Don’t overdo it. Whilst you can plaster on lots of creams, colours and accessories, you may be masking your own innate natural beauty. So don’t turn your back on neutral makeup. Minimal neutral makeup will allow your face to breathe and show the world that you have the confidence to let them see the real you. Rihanna is an example of a star who is not afraid to go minimal now and then.
Lashing of lashes! While the larger-than-life black eye lashes may have been around since the 1960’s there’s a reason for it. Long luscious lashes draw attention to one (or perhaps two) of your most important facial features- your eyes. They are not only the window to your soul, they are also the part of your visage that people concentrate on when talking to you or observing you. Tried and tested for decades, experiment with over-the-top bat lashes down to a slight thickening of your natural lashes with some quality mascara. A popular brand is Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara and Lash Curler. I would avoid stick on lashes unless you are confident that the glue isn’t going to come undone under hot studio lights or out in the rain. There’s nothing worse than a wonky eye-lash!
While we are concentrating on the eyes, consider green eye makeup. Whatever colour eyes you have, a splash of subtle green around the eyes can make your friends green with envy. Add mascara and a little glitter and you’ll be purring with pride as you see those around you giving you admiring glances. Miley Cyrus can often be seen sporting the green look around her eyes. Slightly more difficult to pull off is blue eye-makeup. It can be done but just don’t over-egg the pudding here. If you have blue eyes then a subtle blue eye make-up can accentuate and enhance your natural eyes’ beauty.
What about a doll face? You know, rosy cheeks? Of course it’s going to look good, as long as you don’t overdo it. Choose a subtle blusher, and make sure you look for any and every opportunity to pout those lips and widen those eyes, like a real super-sexy baby doll!
One of the more difficult looks to pull off, is that of having a subtle tan. Too little and you’ve wasted an opportunity to glow, too much and you’ll be attracting stares and sniggers. Subtle bronzed skin can make you stand out from the crowd so do some experimentation at home and once you’ve found the right product and the right amount to apply, then strut out with your “just back from St Tropez” look! Check out Carrie Underwood and also this spray; Best Bronze Sunless Tan Self-Tanning spray from Best Bronze. Around £40 and well worth it!

The Secrets To The Perfect Smile

Improvements in dentistry over the past decade have meant that it is possible for anyone to get the perfect smile. The problem is that this usually involves a relatively substantial investment and just as with fake tan, there are people that go overboard and abuse products such as teeth whitening.Fortunately we are seeing a move away from those garishly bright and white teeth and people are beginning to realise that the more natural smile is a lot more flattering than brilliant white pegs.

So why are teeth so important and why do we care about them so much? Well it goes way past the practical function of needing them to help chew food and they are in fact important not only to our self esteem but also in helping us find a mate – research has shown that 73% of people look for a partner with a nice smile, compared to 40% who look for a good physique.

The Ideal Shade of White
It is now pretty common knowledge that the whiter the better doesn’t hold true anymore. Instead it is said that the optimum shade of whitening varies, with the key to the perfect shade actually being to avoid having your teeth match the whites of your eyes, this is when it starts to look fake. These days it is more about creating a natural smile than a squint inducing bling smile.

The Rise of the Gap
No this isn’t a plug for the clothing retailer, rather how our opinions on what is attractive changes. The like of Lara Stone have helped show us that perfect teeth aren’t the only attractive ones, instead what are usually perceived as ‘imperfections’ can also be beautiful. There hasn’t been a more noticeable one than the rise of the gap-tooth. In fact now this look is so sought after that people are actually having the gap between their front teeth filed down! So we wouldn’t recommend this but feeling comfortable with the teeth you have is a great self-esteem builder.

Character Building
Remember all that stuff your family said about the gaps in your teeth being character building? Well chances are they might have been right for a change. The 21st century smile isn’t about having the perfectly white and straight veneers that so many Hollywood stars have. Instead it is about having healthy-looking teeth with a little more character. Now dentists are finding that rather than patients wanting their imperfections to be fixed, they are in fact being asked for them to keep these little anomalies.

Bespoke Dentistry
If your teeth are in need of a major fix then now is the best time to do it! Dentistry has moved away from the old ideas that everyone is the same and now the understanding that teeth come in all shapes and sizes, with each smile being totally unique to the individual. Now dentists even go as far as taking their patients skin tone, hair colour and face shape into account when they are fixing their patients teeth.

Traditional Massaging In Chennai Brings Divine Happiness

If you are feeling stressed out and physically exhausted, trying out a perfect massaging session would be the ideal solution against such shattering mental and physical conditions. Traditional body massaging techniques as well as methods have been nurtured as well as practiced in different parts of India, though at Body Massage Centre in Chennai you shall have the best experience of your life with massaging. Professionally trained masseurs use various pressing techniques along with essential oils on your body muscle. A relief from muscle ache is surely guaranteed, and along with that you shall find mental rejuvenation too. Over body and mind wellness and enhancement of immunity level are some of the best benefits of traditional massaging.
At professional Body Massage Centre in Chennai, stress has been given on setting up the right ambiance for clients. Relaxing feel should come to the mind with fresh as well as rejuvenating ambiance. Fragrances of various essential oils bring spurring of happiness in the mind. Good fragrance changes your mode, brings happiness and relaxes your stress or anxieties. Traditional massaging is targeted to revitalize blood flow in the body vessels so that oxygen reaches all parts of the body seamless. As a result, both body and mind are energized.

Sleep Well Bed Price Range In Market

Not every product in the market is priced the same. They differ from one another according to the size. The raw materials that were used in creating the end product also affect the rate of the product. A same product can be priced differently in different outlets. It is usually the consumer’s part to compare the prices of a product in various shops before purchasing it. Comparison gives a better idea as to how the same product is priced differently. This will also give an idea about the offers that are related to the product in each shop. This will also give knowledge about the genuine product that is available. When mattresses are considered, sleep well bed price range in the online store mattress box starts from 20,000 to much more according to the user’s preference. They offer personalized mattress based on the height and weight of the person. This will make it possible to create a mattress that fits just right for every person. They can use the product for 30 days and can also return the product if it is not comfortable. This shows the confidence that the store has in the products that they deliver to its customers.

Enjoy Massaging At Massage Center In Pondicherry And Explore Unknown Benefits Of Massaging

Nothing can bring complete relaxation and peace of mind than a traditional Ayurvedic massaging session. To relax your muscles and nerves, you need to find professional massage center in Pondicherry, where veteran massagers offer their services. When it comes to traditional massaging, we all know a few benefits. For example, massaging helps in relaxing body as well as mind, it releases stress as well as anxiety and also it normalizes blood pressure level. Apart from these, some unknown benefits are there and you can enjoy those benefits by undergoing a soothing massaging session.
Massaging mainly aims to normalize blood flow or circulation throughout your body. As a result, you shall get relief from chronic pains, like shoulder pain, knee pain, waist pain, etc. it miraculously energizes your body. If you feel weak and physically exhausted quite often these days, you must consider undergoing massaging session to bring relaxation for your body as well as mind.
At massage center in Pondicherry, veteran masseur will cater complete body massaging experience to you. Relaxing and peaceful indoor ambiance has been created to cater gleeful body massaging experience to clients. You mind shall be refreshed, body shall be energized and overall immunity level will grow up. For healthy living, massaging contributes immensely.