Goth in Fashion: The Valkyrie Corset

As has been seen on the AW14 runways as we move from summer, the touch of Goth style in mainstream fashion is becoming more and more noticeable. In fact in some collections shown recently, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d attended a witches’ Sabbath! One of the great items of clothing that seems to make a comeback year after year is the corset. Once upon a time the corset was a required undergarment to restrict a woman’s waist and make her appear slimmer and more attractive to men. But those days are gone and now designers have the freedom to experiment and be more provocative with corsetry, such as can be found in the brand Valkyrie corsets.
Corsets has long been associated with toughness, tightness, and yet have more than a vestige of femininity- indeed the mythical Nordic women warriors known as Valkyries were tall, proud and powerfularmour-clad Amazonians who despite their war-like trends nevertheless exuded sexuality (and sexual dominance) that made them desirable to men. Nowadays the link between Goth style clothing and the Valkyries of old seems stronger. Instead of armoured corsets, we see on the runways corsets or leather and lace, matched with equally sexy gear and killer studded stilettos.
Geraldine Geoghan is the founder and designer of the Valkyrie brand. She is half Swedish and has spent a lot of time in Sweden and so felt drawn to the name.The Swedish half of her may also be the reason why her designs show such a precise attention to detail and mirror the flawless focus, delicacy, and innovation of which Sweden is famous for.
Geraldine launched Valkyrie Corsets after spending years crafting several for herself and her friends. Her quality and flair was recognised by a commercial store which now stock them permanently. However there is one facet of her business which makes her garments stand out from other companies that produce corsets and which harks back to her early years- the bespoke corset.
This is a painstaking but necessarily long process to ensure that the corset is just what the client wants, and fits perfectly. Geraldine, with near mathematical skill, first takes an oral conceptualization of an undergarment and then turns it into reality. Her customers sometimes have a fully-formed view of what they want in terms of style, colour, material, adornments etc, but with others it may be just a vague desire to have an individual exclusive corset of some type. Together they will work up a detailed model and then she will get to work. Natural fabrics such as silk will always be more breathable and comfortable, but as for the actual heart of the corset, Valkyrie corsets use a variety of materials; sprung steel bones and spiral steel bones. The spiral steels flex sideways so are used where the seams are not straight, often over the bust-line and are used to give solid structure to the corsets.
For the future Geraldine is planning to work with a colleague in designing a latex line of corsetry. Her friend will make beautiful liquid latex embossing which would give a new and exciting twist to her corset designs. We wish her well for the future!