Give Yourself a Work Clothing Check-up

Do you remember how you treated yourself to an A1 spit and polish on your first day at a new job? You spent ages in front of the mirror testing out your suit, shirt and tie combo to make sure you made a good impression on your new boss. As your first days at work turn into weeks and then months, it’s highly likely that you won’t revisit that special first day at work makeover. But you should. Not every day of course, but perhaps once a month. Don’t do it on a work day but on a weekend when you have time and aren’t stressed or rushing around.
First up, get your work shoes out and subject them to a real close inspection under a strong table lamp. Are the heels worn down? Is there a scuff there that can’t be hidden by shoe polish or cream? Are they still in fashion? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then throw the shoes away and go and buy a new pair. A quality pair that will reward you with long service.
Next up, shirts. Check all your shirts and throw out (or donate to a charity shop) any that are worn around the collar or cuffs. Also ant dark coloured shirts that have faded through a lot of washing or dry cleaning. There’s nothing worse than a tired faded black or brown shirt. It makes you looks lazy.
Then have a look at your tie collection. Many men, including me, are guilty of never wanting to throw any ties away. They may have been given to you as a present from a good friend, girlfriend or wife, but if the tie no longer hacks it in your present collection, let it go. If there’s a tie you particularly like, try it with different shirt combinations, you may be able to give it a renewed lease of life. If you want to get some new ties, be a bit more adventurous than going to Tie Rack and getting a standard issue plain silk tie. Try a nice knitted tie- that could make you stand out at the next Board Room meeting.
Many places of work now have “dress-down Fridays” or something similar. This may seem an opportunity for you to show that you have non-work clothes fashion sense, and can look good in casual gear as well as when booted and suited. My advice is don’t. Never. It’s a mistake. You want to present a professional and serious persona at work. If you let your hair down on a dress-down Friday, people will remember and the chances are you’ll lose a little respect from those around you, particularly the boss. He or she didn’t dress down did they? Nope- too much at stake.
Finally, get all your suits dry-cleaned. You can spot people at work who wear their suits for a full week at a time and come the end of the week, the creases have gone and the trousers look somehow baggy and lifeless.
So make a date with your wardrobe this weekend and cast a critical eye over your entire set of work clothes. You’ll feel a whole lot better as you go off to work on the Monday, believe me!