Celebrity-Inspired Make-Up Tips

Whether on the red carpet at a movie or theatre premiere, or on the runways in London, Paris Madrid or Tokyo, there’s no denying that our A List celebrities look awesome. It’s a combination of their clothes, demeanour and of course their make-up. But even if you never expect to be invited to walk a red carpet, there’s no reason why you too shouldn’t look as ace as your favourite celebrity, even if you’re only going to the mall shopping, to your local restaurant, or round to friends for a glass of wine and to watch a DVD.
Here are a clutch of tried and tested make-up tips that will have you looking and feeling great.
First, red lips. Yes, we know it’s a bit of a cliché but there’s no denying that a striking red lip gloss will show you that you have confidence and verve. Match it with something else red, such as red shoes, a red dress or a red necklace. There are so many lipsticks available that you’ll be spoilt for choicebut Dolce & Gabbana’s Classic Cream Lipstick in Fire is a good starter for that ravishing sexy pout.
Don’t overdo it. Whilst you can plaster on lots of creams, colours and accessories, you may be masking your own innate natural beauty. So don’t turn your back on neutral makeup. Minimal neutral makeup will allow your face to breathe and show the world that you have the confidence to let them see the real you. Rihanna is an example of a star who is not afraid to go minimal now and then.
Lashing of lashes! While the larger-than-life black eye lashes may have been around since the 1960’s there’s a reason for it. Long luscious lashes draw attention to one (or perhaps two) of your most important facial features- your eyes. They are not only the window to your soul, they are also the part of your visage that people concentrate on when talking to you or observing you. Tried and tested for decades, experiment with over-the-top bat lashes down to a slight thickening of your natural lashes with some quality mascara. A popular brand is Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara and Lash Curler. I would avoid stick on lashes unless you are confident that the glue isn’t going to come undone under hot studio lights or out in the rain. There’s nothing worse than a wonky eye-lash!
While we are concentrating on the eyes, consider green eye makeup. Whatever colour eyes you have, a splash of subtle green around the eyes can make your friends green with envy. Add mascara and a little glitter and you’ll be purring with pride as you see those around you giving you admiring glances. Miley Cyrus can often be seen sporting the green look around her eyes. Slightly more difficult to pull off is blue eye-makeup. It can be done but just don’t over-egg the pudding here. If you have blue eyes then a subtle blue eye make-up can accentuate and enhance your natural eyes’ beauty.
What about a doll face? You know, rosy cheeks? Of course it’s going to look good, as long as you don’t overdo it. Choose a subtle blusher, and make sure you look for any and every opportunity to pout those lips and widen those eyes, like a real super-sexy baby doll!
One of the more difficult looks to pull off, is that of having a subtle tan. Too little and you’ve wasted an opportunity to glow, too much and you’ll be attracting stares and sniggers. Subtle bronzed skin can make you stand out from the crowd so do some experimentation at home and once you’ve found the right product and the right amount to apply, then strut out with your “just back from St Tropez” look! Check out Carrie Underwood and also this spray; Best Bronze Sunless Tan Self-Tanning spray from Best Bronze. Around £40 and well worth it!